Home Assignments

A Student has to remember that he/she has to answer 25000 – 30000 questions on various subjects, if he or she has to get success in the competitive examination. Our Home Assignments play an excellent role in building up this question bank whereby a student has to solve more than 500 questions from a particular subject given in the home assignments during the tenure of the course. While solving the questions given in the home assignments, the students will have to consult various study materials, notes of the teachers, reference books etc which help the students in consolidating their preparations for the examinations.


Mock Test

Mock tests truly represent the flavour of the competitive examination. The pattern of questions, marks distributions, durations of the examinations etc is set as per the guidelines of the relevant examinations. Depending upon the particular examination, the nature and the number of Mock tests will vary. These mock tests immensely help the students to correctly assess themselves and fully and finally prepare for the competitive examination taking suitable course corrections.


Performance Report

The Performance report system serves as an effective tool for (a) monitoring performance and progress of a student (b) feed back to individual students and recommendation for course corrections (c) Opportunity also for the guardians to know the progress made by the student.Computerized reports are made available to the students individually for discussions and guidance.


The academic counselor

iLEAP provides valuable guidance to the students who are unable to decide on their ideal future plan. Our experienced counselors at the desk provide effective guidance to the students and their guardians after correctly assessing their qualifications and potentials.


Interview cell

iLEAP has an excellent ‘Interview Board’ consisting of Experienced Professionals, Government officials, Academicians through whom the students who are successful in ••written examinations are groomed for the personal interviews which is one of the most important component of the selection process.