Message from Founder Director

Message from Founder Director

As the Chairman of PATHFINDER group and also being a part of this noble industry, for more than three decade, I have seen how the trend in education, particularly in reference to the competitive exams coaching in West Bengal has undergone revolutionary changes, during the past decade, for Central and State Government departmental jobs.

During my association with PATHFINDER, I have had the opportunity to interact with many parent and guardian of students, seeking education for achieving success in the field of Engineering & Medical. While the guardians have been appreciative about the endeavor in this regard, about how PATHFINDER being instrumental in helping students, realize their dreams into SUCCESS. Often many guardians have enquired whether PATHFINDER is also thinking of establishing wbcs coaching centres in West Bengal for those who are seeking guidance, to prepare for jobs in Central & State Government organizations.

After thinking over this for many years, finally I think, we possess all the knowhow in this field, for guiding graduates, seeking an “OPPORTUNITY” which is equally rewarding for those, who are not aiming to become a professional Engineer or a Doctor. Therefore a separate division was established as iLEAP for providing expert guidance in competitive exam preparation for young GRADUATES seeking various Central & State government jobs.

With my experience over the past several years of my association with PATHFINDER & also in this field, to crack, a student must require a basic aptitude and a good level of intelligence to achieve a successful career in Engineering and / or Medical. However a student aspiring for a successful career opportunity in the Central as well as State Government jobs, requires proper coaching, guidance and self determination to be successful in securing desired position in the Central as well as State Government departments.

My firm belief is that like PATHFINDER, iLEAP too, one day will secure the position, as one the finest institute in Eastern India, “SHOWING THE PATH OF SUCCESS” providing ibps coaching to many graduates, becoming a true PROFESSIONAL, longing for a successful career in various Central as well as State Government departments. iLEAP like PATHFINDER will make the dreams of “YOUNG INDIA” coming true, by successfully guiding them through the process of competitive examinations and selection for the most sought after positions in the Central and State Government departments.

Best wishes

Debdutta Sreemany

Founder Director