Teaching Methodology

Our teaching process differs from any other institute as we believe that teaching is the craftsmanship of assisting discovery. We consider involvement of the student important, as it is the sheer involvement which helps the student learn.

We aim to equip the knowledge thirsty brains of the students with an impeccable know-how. Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.

A. The Academic Calendar is systematically planned for various courses at the beginning of the session. It includes:

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Designing & Development
  • Course Pedagogy
  • Syllabus Division
  • Test Schedule and
  • Lecture Planning

B. Core areas of Scholastic Management:

  • Management of Classes
  • Management of Study Material
  • Management of Test Papers
  • Scheduling of Mock Interviews

C. Scholastic Academic Management Core Team:/h3>

Founder Chairman, Chairperson, Business Head, Academic Head, Course Coordinators & Faculty Members. The Hierarchy of Academic Team is designed in such a manner that the mentors are involved at various functioning areas related to academics.

D. An Expert Faculty pool:

An Expert Faculty pool headed by a Coordinator, part of R&D is dedicatedly deployed for Scholastic administration.

E. A regular Syllabus Progress Monitoring :

A regular Syllabus Progress Monitoring Report is compiled and analyzed on weekly basis for all the courses to ensure syllabus execution as per academic planning.

F. Academic Discipline Guidelines :

Academic Discipline Guidelines & Code of Conduct is followed by all the Faculty Members related to syllabus execution, content delivery, start/end of classes, attitude & behavior towards students.

Regular meetings of Academic Team :

Regular meetings of Academic Team members are held to review the academic planning & its execution, performance of faculty members, performance of students and to discuss the areas for improvement.

H. Seminar / Workshops :

Seminar / Workshops are organized on a monthly basis by eminent scholars and Professionals in the field.