Message from Academic Head

Achintyam Chatterjee(Academic Head)

Being the Academic Head in an education – hub like iLeap, is a task that can be called Herculean. It’s a challenge to welcome with the Three C’s – Confidence, Credibility and Character. Complacence does not pay, cohesion only pays dividends.

What I dream of in iLEAP , is the setting up of a well- built mansion having a thousand lighted rooms to house the enlightened faculty, the trained aspirant for competitive exam preparation and the well – organized healthy management.

My role is that of a connector bridging all contributory components into one unit for whole which we can proudly call the iLEAP kingdom the best institute for competitive exams in West Bengal. However, joining the iLEAP, I have had the love, respect and Co-operation from the faculties and respect from the students. Under the able guardianship of Shri Debdutta Sreemany , we ( Inclusive of I ) want to make the world of Academics a newer, smarter and a brighter one.

With Warm wishes and Loads of Love 

Achintyam Chatterjee
(Academic Head)